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“Big Village” about work, events, and other nice things
New year OKAY's promo — 29 december 2012
New year ICE CREAM PARTY — 21 december 2012
SOME MORE GOLD — 11 december 2012

We do booking*for various Stars

Booking - a system of relationships between artist, client and booking agency, who has the catalog of artists. The role of the booking agency in this system is to coordinate the parties, who has business relationships, and to engage an actor on the customer desired date . At the same time the booking agency is not involved in coordinating and administering the event.


Client* s.

In Rome- the lesser partner in the Ancient Roman social institution of clientela, obligated through a debt of loyalty to repay received favors that he had received from his patronus.

To provide high-quality event, we work hard ...

employees prefer cappuccino employees prefer black coffe workers choose cappuccino drink 34 cups for an event
Eat the number of unhealthy food equal to 132 burgers